Monday, September 13, 2004

Editor's Note

Speaking of Doublethink: I have to flack the new issue, which is now available online. Okay, it came out over a month ago, but since DT is a quarterly, last month’s issue is still new.

I am always on the lookout for young conservative and libertarian writing talent, and so far it hasn’t been hard to find. One of my "discoveries"—an old friend, actually—just won writer of the year from New Hampshire’s press association. His name’s Judah Pollack. We also have terrific articles from Sean Higgins of Investors Business Daily (on pro-life Dems), Shawn Macomber of American Spectator (on dating services for partisan singles), and Jeremy Lott, another AmSpec guy, (whose piece on Michael Kelly had been spiked, for political reasons apparently, by a well-known national magazine before it fell into my hands,) and much else.

I was particularly flattered by a contribution from Stephen G. Bloom, an actual professor of nonfiction writing at the University of Iowa, who’d caught wind of Doublethink from the Chronicle of Higher Education. This, after the Chronicle did a digest version of an important DT piece, from the Spring issue, on the demise of the short story by Kelly Jane Torrance, for its newsletter.

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