Tuesday, September 14, 2004

This story pretty much does it. Bad day for CBS.


Anonymous said...

The author of that piece is obviously an operative of Lord Gnarl.

Anonymous said...

At first I leaned toward at least two of the memos being fakes not detected by those consulted by CBS because
the points were outside their expertise: maybe 94% leaning.

Then came the Rather defense: he has convinced me - they are fakes. His argument seems to be:
1. The story is that Bush disobeyed a direct order, not how we got the memos indicating this.
2. The memos support the story.
3. One memo mentions Bush's suspension from flying, which a forger could not have known unless he has been watching the news for a while or saw the documents published earlier or *gasp* actually did a FoIA request.
4. Therefore it does not matter whether or not they are forgeries, and the only evidence for the story, and have no indication Bush ever saw the “order” - which is itself not in any form required by regulations since Old Ironsides made her maiden voyage.

And the Howard Hughes will, the Hitler Diaries, and a host of others can now be revealed as indisputable. After all, they contain verifiable facts.


John Anderson - teqjack@wowmail.com

Anonymous said...

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