Wednesday, September 29, 2004

First in War, First in Peace, and Soon to be Last in the National League

I'm excited by the news that D.C. is getting a baseball team again--about time. I had assumed that the right name for the team was the Senators, but reader B.W. points me to Remember the Grays, which makes the case that Major League Baseball should honor Washington's old Negro League team by renaming the Expos the Grays.

Sounds like a fine and fitting idea. Pass it on.


Raoul Ortega said...

Gray was also the color of the Confederate Army (as opposed to the Union Blue), so that name would also appeal to the Northern Virginia rednecks fan base, too. Maybe their uniforms could have a diagonal cross with stars in it...

(I'm kidding. This is a good idea. Calling them the Senators again would be typical of the thinking of that body, though-- it didn't work the last two times, so let's do it again, but even bigger!)

Dan Patterson said...

Baseball hasn't taken root in Montreal and it's high time another city gave it a shot. The Negro League name is a grand idea and it could be any number of team names.

The "redneck" comment and "stars and bars" reference is unkind and too much of a stretch.

Dan Patterson, Redneck.
Winston-Salem, NC

Bizarro Jack said...

Comparing defunct baseball teams teh only way I know how, I've certainly seen more Grays jerseys than Senators jerseys here in PG canny merlin. But if other DC sports teams are an indicator, we'll probably get a name like "Wizards with bats" or "the noble savages" or something equally terrible.

go grays!!