Friday, September 10, 2004

Rather's Line

I would forgive CBS everything if, during tonight's broadcast, Dan Rather turned to the camera and deadpanned, "Yes, we at CBS News have been pwn3d."



Anonymous said...

what does pwn3d mean?

Anonymous said...

Dan Rather would rather swallow a salt lick on a late August day in Austin day during an acute lemonade stand shortage than admit he's wrong.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that these documents are fakes, but Dan Rather is a far-left ideologue, posing as a journalist. He knew they were fakes, but he is so contemptuous of the American public that he thought they wouldn't notice modern computer word-processing proportional fonts, super-script, and text-wrap characteristics that didn't exist in 1972. ... Moron.

Rather hasn't changed one whit since he published a massive serial lie, cleverly disguised as reporting on the Vietnam war. I was there, a Marine, personally seeing it with my own lyin' eyes and I didn't recognize anything that came out of his mouth ... but the American public ate it up. Maybe that's where he developed contempt for the average American intellect. It was a pack of lies, seeded with a few grains of truth taken out of context, then blown grossly out of proportion.

But, now he's been caught red-handed.

Will the "great" Dan Rather admit he is complicit in not-so-clever leftist lies and propaganda? Probably not. If he does, I will be amazed. If he doesn't, he's toast. Frankly, I'm hoping he does NOT admit it. I want to watch him twist in the wind until he bursts into flame and splashes face down into the sea of mud he created. ... Sweet.