Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Do the following quotes from this AP report make it sound like CBS is selling Mary Mapes down the river? We report, you decide:

"Mapes, 48, was described by colleagues on Tuesday as a dogged and talented journalist who made no secret of her liberal political beliefs. . . .

"In the 60 Minutes tradition, producers like Mapes wield tremendous influence on the stories and operate with a great deal of independence--a status earned after many years of proving themselves, [60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager] said. . . .

"'It is obviously against CBS News standards and those of every other reputable news organization to be associated with any political agenda,' [CBS spokeswoman Kelli Edwards] said. . . .

"'She's done many, many solid stories in her career,' Fager said. 'How this went so horribly wrong is a mystery to many of us and I look forward to hearing the details.'"

Is this enough to save Rather's career?

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Anonymous said...

Be sure that AP will do all it can to protect a fellow partner in crime like Dan Blather and sell Mapes down the river. It's really not so bad. Mapes will go quietly and then AP will help publisize the release of her book citing her own story of how she righteously attempted to protect the coveted "unbiased reporting" idealogy she has so vehemently upheld during her less than stellar career.

But that's not enough. Blather's public apology was a half-hearted, finger-pointing routine. Viewers don't need an apology. (Although I'll take one.) No, she and Danny Boy should be made to apologize direclty to President Bush and the Killian family members.

....then fire them.

Oh yea, and have them each send $50,000 in fines to the RNC. /C. russell