Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate Redux

If you want snarky, not-terribly insightful, round-by-round analysis, my Keeping Score is now posted at

Likewise, David's Bush the Heavy.


Westmont said...

I liked David Skinner's "Bush the Heavy". Great analysis. I just went to the DNC website to see their "Bush reaction clips" called Face of Frustration. Talk about lame... If that's the best they can do, they are in for a tough week trying to beat back criticism over Global Tests (does that require a #2 pencil?), his "No Dictator Left Behind" theories on why Saddam should have been left in power, and his nonsensical positions (and misinformation) on Korea. OK, GW could have landed more body blows, but Rove is salivating and sharpening his steak knives.

goldstone said...

Just as an indication of how little you really know about W, try answering this One Simple Question.Stumped, huh?

Maybe W will release his full criminal record this week, so that we'll all know the answer. What do you say?

Westmont said...

Nice try. But I'd rather vote for a man with a DUI or some other minor arrest (if it was major we would know about it) than someone as disingenuous as Kerry. Answer this question: How many times did Kerry meet with the Viet Cong in Paris? Stumped? Kerry says once, the record shows twice. But does it matter? Even once is too many times.