Friday, September 24, 2004

Good Question

Reader C.T. writes, "Here's a question I haven't seen in print.  Is Osama bin Laden safer than he was on 9/10/01?"


Westmont said...

To most objective observers, the simple answer would be an emphatic, "NO". However, I am certain the MSM types, and Jane Kerry, will find a way to nuance the answer. Just look at's collaborative effort with Newsweek on Iraq News. Every single one of the lead articles are doom and gloom pieces about Iraq and the war on terror that are sure to warm the hearts of the Kerry camp as well as our enemy's propaganda machine.

Richard said...

I guess the simple answer would be yes, since hes probably dead. But then again, how 'safe' can a man be stuck with 72 woman for the rest of eternity?