Monday, September 13, 2004

Associated Propaganda

Katherine Mangu-Ward catches the AP at it again:

In order to slant a Saturday (Sept. 11) story against Bush, they use interviews with former National Guardsmen that were conducted before the forgery allegations were well-known.

Katherine talks to the AP's interview subjects, and they're not happy.

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Duane said...

By my count this is now bloggers 5, Old Media 0.

Also, there are new questions being raised about the credentials of some of the vets in this story. One, Ahmad Majied, claims he was a Navy SEAL for 5 years in Vietnam. Real SEALS are highly skeptical of this claim and a search of SEAL records do not find a record of any Ahmad Majied ever serving in that capacity.

The journalist for the AP, Elliott Minor responded to questions about this by saying said of the Majieds: "I've met them around town, and they're just nice people. … I just really think a lot of him."