Thursday, September 23, 2004

George Will hammers the Bush administration, again, this time on Iran. There is no more effective critic of the president. If John Kerry spoke this clearly, Bush would be down 5 points. When will Democrats learn that you don't have to hyperventilate about "quagmires" and "lies" to be persuasive?

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Westmont said...

I just don't read George Will's column the same way you do. I think he is merely pointing out realities:

"Iran is not a mere literary dystopia. It is perhaps the biggest problem on the horizon of the next U.S. president because it is moving toward development of nuclear weapons, concerning which the Bush administration has two factions. One favors regime change; the other favors negotiations. There is no plausible path to achieving the former and no reason to expect the latter to be productive."

The way I interpret Will's comments is that the Administration is between "Iraq and a hard place", yes a terrible pun... I fail to see any direct criticism. And any Kerry criticism on Iran could be countered by the "Jimmy Carter is the one who lost Iran in the first place" argument.