Tuesday, September 28, 2004

If Old Europe ever decides to take a more active role in the war on terrorism, it will be because of this: fear that demographics make it inevitable that Europe is on the path to becoming an Islamic continent.

Whether they understand it or not, Europeans have a real stake in seeing a modern, reformed version of Islam triumph over radical Islamism.

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Anonymous said...

Because of what? Turkey is the strongest allies (never mind it's the only one) of the US and Israel in the region. Sure demographics has a lot with it:
Turkey: population 68m, population growth 1.13% a year (76m in 10 years, 85m in 20 years)
Germany: population 82m, population growth 0.02% a year (82m in 10 years, 82m in 20 years)
France: population 60m, population growth 0.39% a year (62m in 10 years, 65m in 20 years)
Now compare those with the GDP per capita. There's also the ongoing confrontation with Greece over Cyprus (Ever heard of international politics)...
And what do you mean exactly by active role in fighting terrorism. If I recall correctly, France never had any problem gunning them down (nor sending troops to Afghanistan, as long as it stays hush-hush).
If you meant going into Iraq, keep dreaming. Nobody is going to send troops there to pick up America's mess. Not if they care for their troops.