Monday, March 14, 2005

And so it begins

Georgia Tech, despite a close call with Jarrett Jack's ankle, is expected to make it to the Final Four and maybe further. Everyone else is in love with North Carolina. But Duke seems to have made a go with it with J.J. Redick. How many points will that kid rack up this week? And isn't Wake Forest really in the mood to show the NCAA committee that they were wrong not to seed them as Number One? Finally, let's not forget the Wolfpack and Julius Hodge, who Jonathan V. Last swears has been playing since Jim Valvano was coaching.

If you are from the Washington, D.C., metro area, you will notice coverage of the NCAA tournament is heavily saturated by the ACC. Call it ACC-bias. (To wit, Tony Kornheiser thinks Maryland should have been seeded 11th! If so, why not throw in Clemson?) Perhaps we need a sports equivalent of Brent Bozell? For the rest of our readers not taking part in the Atlantic Coast orgy, I ask you who not from the ACC do you think will make it to the Final Four and beyond?

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susanna in KY said...

UK Wildcats, all the way! Go, Cats!

I'm sticking to the story that the loss on Sunday was due to the overtime game on Saturday. Although it was particularly galling to see that shaggy-haired Walsh win.

UK is in a good bracket, good placement, should make it to the Sweet Sixteen without trouble although I hate for them to be the ones to eliminate E. KY. Oklahoma, Utah and Cincinnati notwithstanding, I'm seeing a UK-Duke matchup in the final in Austin, UK going to the Final Four, and (with a little prayer) coming out on top. It would be sweet to see a UK-UofL final game, but I guess I shouldn't push the dream too far...