Monday, March 21, 2005

Hoyas in the Second Round!

The Georgetown men's basketball team beat Boston to a pulp last Wednesday, 64-34, at the MCI Center before a raucous crowd, advancing to the second round of the tournament.

And now for the uncensored version of events:

The Hoyas defeated the Boston University Terriers in last week's first round of the NIT (Not In Tournament) before a crowd of 2,797. (Yes, more people showed up to see Doreen Gentzler at the NBC Health Expo.)

But at the very least, I did enjoy the game from the luxury of the Vertis skybox. It was my first time and I hope not my last. "It's like flying first class," said another guest. "Once you go in, you'll never want to go back." Indeed, while you aren't exactly on the floor, you can enjoy various other amenities such as couches, a private bathroom, beer, and snacks. (Normally at MCI, and this is no joke, two beers and a pretzel cost $18.)

Special thanks to Doug Cox at Vertis and Jordan Gehrke at BMW Direct for their generosity and willingness to put up with my hoots and hollers throughout the 40 minutes of hell.

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