Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Star Wars, again

Someone named Jason Apuzzo has written an attack on me (and Jonah Goldberg and Richard Brookhiser) for what we have written about the various Star Wars movies. Apuzzo quotes me as saying:
From Jonathan Last: “As for the prequels (’The Phantom Menace’ and ‘Attack of the Clones’)–well, I saw them in the theater–and what I saw was crap. Twenty years ago, when it came to liking ‘Star Wars,’ I wasn’t old enough to know better. And … when it comes to George Lucas’s latest films, I do know better. Sorry, George. You had me right until the end.”

The only problem is, I don't think I've ever said, or written, that. It's not in Nexis. I don't think I've ever talked about Star Wars on TV. I guess it's possible that this is from an email conversation with someone, but I doubt it, since the sentiments Apuzzo is attributing to me don't actually match what I think.

Moving on, Apuzzo says that I wrote that the re-released Episodes IV-VI "are a worthless waste of time." Again, I didn't say that and I don't think it.

Moving still onward, Apuzzo links to a piece he attributes to me, but is actually written by Matthew Continetti.

Apuzzo says that conservative film criticism is flawed because conservatives "have been too lazy or disinterested" to look at film in a serious way. One might say the same about Apuzzo.


Donald said...

Jonathan, just to clear up the confusion: the quote that you are fairly certain isn't attributable to you is definately not attributable to you. It is, verbatum, from the Matthew Continetti piece. The last paragraph, to be specific. D.GOOCH

Metamora Patter said...

I have totally enjoyed reading the posts in The Corner today regarding Star Wars and had to check out your web page to see what else you had written.
Thanks Jonathan
PS Read some of your other reviews last year and enjoyed them too.