Friday, March 11, 2005

Fool Me Four Times, Shame on Me

Fine. I'll say it. The new trailer for Revenge of the Sith looks gob-smacking good. It looks dark and interesting and full of Old Republic politics. It looks like the movie you and I have been longing for in our hearts.

Two years ago I swore that Lucas wouldn't get my $8.50 this time around. So much for that.


Scrutineer said...

The trailer looks pretty good, but no better than the one from Ep. II. One thing I have learned from the prequels is that the people editing the trailers seem to have a better sense of style and drama than Lucas.

Anonymous said...

Only $8.50? I'll be shelling out $14 here in LA. I have always hoped that Episode III would be what it looks like from the trailer. If Episode IV is "A New Hope", there has to be some stuff going down in Sith.