Monday, March 14, 2005


And since it is just me here posting, let me add that I haven't said one word about the Georgetown Hoyas, who will be making a postseason appearance in the tournament we all know and love, the NIT. Their opponent this Wednesday is Boston University. (Whew!)

As if this is open mike at St. Elizabeth's, let me also add that I recently tried Harry & David's "Moose Munch," a delightful mix of caramel corn, chocolate-covered popcorn, and caramel-and-chocolate-covered almonds. Does it get any better than that? I dare say, Moose Munch is the final step in the evolution of Caramel Corn: In the beginning there was Cracker Jack. (Didn't you just savor those few precious peanuts? And did you ever really get a good prize?) Then came Poppy Cock. (It was a silly name and a guilty pleasure all around. I don't know anyone who ever bought it, but if you saw it at a party, you could forget about the crudités.) And now Moose Munch. The world has become a better place.

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