Thursday, March 17, 2005

GS: All-Tourney Edition

Just some random thoughts from the best four days of the year.

* Andrew Bogut is as enjoyable to watch as any college player since Kenny Anderson. He has spectacular court vision and passes like Larry Bird. His game reminds me of a young Arvidis Sabonis. Enjoy him while Utah's still dancing.

* Is it me, or does Gonzaga's Adam Morrison look like Dan Dickau on HGH? Has anyone seen them in a room at the same time?

* Pittsnogle is one of the five best names in the history of sports. The announcers clearly agree--you can hear them smiling whenever they call his number.

* One of the smaller joys of the NCAA tournament is getting to hear the non-marquee announcers. Gus Johnson is my favorite. There's no better play-by-play man in the country. I've never understood why CBS doesn't make better use of him.

You also get to hear obscure color commentators, too. Bill Rafferty ("And there it is the little . . . dipsy-do the . . . five-and-dimer") is my personal favorite, though I miss Al Maguire more every year.

* Memo to Seth Stevenson: While your stellar work on Sabine Ehrenfeld was much appreciated in Galley World, there's a more to be done. Who is the Diet Coke Roller Girl? Get on it--America needs you.

* What's the over-under on when a #16 finally beats a #1? I would argue that with the flight of young players to the NBA and the increased reliance on the three-pointer, #16s have never had a better chance. And it's going to happen sooner or later. I'd be surprised if it doesn't happen in the next seven years.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely agree with your opinion of Gus Johnson. He makes watching fun.