Monday, March 21, 2005

Schiavo and the Courts

Galley Friend D.B. writes in with this observation:
A word on the whole "courts have ruled" line of thinking: I distinctly recall these people saying something quite different after the Supreme Court ruled in Bush v. Gore, or perhaps I missed Kos saying, "The Court has ruled and its ruling is final. George W. Bush is our president. Now let's all get behind him."

Good point. It's funny how a strain of leftists have now adopted such nuanced views on federalism and states' rights.

But here's what I don't get: The fight for Terri Schiavo's life is completely apolitical. There is no good reason for some lefties to seek her death. Republicans will gain nothing from saving Terri.

The backlash in favor of killing Terri--and let's be clear here, this backlash is coming from a very small subset of the far left; nearly all of the liberals I know are horrified by what's happening in Florida--is a sign of how radicalized a certain portion of the left has become against Christian America.

The movement to save Terri began in the disability rights community. But the disagreement from the left didn't materialize until Schiavo became a rallying point for pro-lifers--meaning Christians.

We have reached a point where the far left rejects anything--anything--which is embraced by Christian America, no matter how apolitical it is. Why the lefty backlash against The Passion of the Christ? Because Christian America supported it. Why are leftists now contorting themselves into wanting Terri Schiavo dead? Because Christians want her alive. One gets the sense that if vanilla-fudge ice cream became a fad in Christian circles, the left would find a way to be opposed to vanilla-fudge.

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