Thursday, March 31, 2005

I spent part of yesterday at the headquarters of Vibration & Sound Solutions Limited (VSSL), located on an unasssuming block in Alexandria, Va. It is, however, one of the foremost facilities for magnetic levitation and vibration technology research. The applications for such technology are boundless. Think mag-lev for ships and subs, safety seats aboard boats that make you feel like you're floating, even hydraulic knee braces for our troops in the mountains of Afghanistan. In other words, exoskeletons. The Office of Naval Research is funding the R&D for VSSL, though some of the technologies can't get to our soldiers soon enough.

But what if, in the midst of all the heady research, one of the scientists finds himself dangerously imbued with magnetic powers?

It could happen.

(For more on the fascinating work of VSSL and the manipulation of magnetic fields, stay tuned for my piece in The Daily Standard later next week.)

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