Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bracketology II

Let me brag: I've had one of the best first-rounds of the NCAA tourney that I've seen in years. I picked 27 of the 32 games (28 if you count the play-in game). And only one of the teams that I picked for the round of 16 has been eliminated.

The teensy-tiny problem is that the round of 16 team I lost was Syracuse, whom I also picked to be the eventual national champion. Oops! (They sure deserved to lose that game, though.)

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miklos rosza said...

I met a girl in a nightclub in New York, and we hit it off sufficiently that we exchanged phone numbers and made plans to see each other again. She had some kind of a British accent. The only reason this is remotely germane is that I later found out that she had gone to Syracuse University and was originally from Pittsburgh. Her accent puzzled me. I didn't think it came from Pittsburgh so I wondered if a lot of students at Syracuse talked this way. I kind of liked it though, whether it was pure affectation or not. Oh well.

I've often rooted for Syracuse's basketball team, but it seems like they've often lost to Mt Hood Community College or somesuch in the NCAA first round.