Thursday, March 24, 2005

Glenn Reynolds on Schiavo

Just so we all remember where Glenn Reynolds stood:
Yes, I think Hugh's argument boils down to saying that the State of Florida has a bad law, and Terri Schiavo made a bad marriage, and that therefore somehow it's Congress' business to step in and override the Florida law, and make up for the fact that Terri Schiavo apparently married the wrong guy, at least in Hugh's opinion. I don't think we know that. If these caregivers want to take care of Terri Schiavo, what's left out of it is Terri Schiavo's desires. That's what the State of Florida has tried to determine. If Terri Schiavo's desire is to die, then in fact, you're making her into a non-person by not following it. You may not know whether the procedures are adequate. They may not be, but we normally say it's up to state law to decide what procedures are adequate. And I really don't see a federal role in this.


Anonymous said...

Why is this so hard to understand? We do NOT know what Terri's wishes were. We know what her husband, with lots of reasons for wanting her dead, says her wishes were. We also know that a civilized society shouldn't be treating disabled human beings worse than it treats wounded animals. Why is this controversial?

Anonymous said...

His empathy is quite underwhelming.