Friday, March 11, 2005

The Real Vin Makazian

Today's New York Post reports an incredible story of a cop who played a mobster on film but, in reality, was a detective really working for the mob. Louis Eppolito, whose cameo appearance Goodfellas fanatics will remember as "Fat Andy" in the Bamboo Lounge scene, was a hitman for hire for the Lucheses (the family actually represented in Goodfellas). Along with fellow detective Stephen Caracappa, the two are accused of committing some grisly murders and also delivering one Gambino associate to Luchese underboss Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso. (The worst alleged incident is the detectives' fingering the wrong guy for a hit. The intended target was Gambino crewmember Nick Guido. The unfortunate victim was another Nick Guido who was mildly retarded.)

He might have played a mobster on film, but, as it turns out, Eppolito was living the role of Vin Makazian, the detective who did the dirty work for Tony Soprano.


Jay D. Homnick said...

Yes, folks, it's time to reread that classic heist book, Cops and Robbers by Donald E. Westlake. Rent the movie, too, if you can find a copy around.

Although his cops were just robbers and not killers, the book cleverly lays out how cops that are entrepreneurial in their criminality, rather than just being on the take, are in position to do very nicely for themselves.

That Dude said...

i forget the name of the book, but Louie put out an autobiography about 10 years ago. His father and two uncles were made guys in the Gambino family and the whole book is about how Big Louie didn't lead that sort of life, blah blah blah. I guess it was all a lie.