Monday, March 21, 2005

Soxblog has an essay on the value of life--and how we shift our standards regarding it--which is simply not to be missed.

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Anonymous said...

James Frederick Dwight of Soxblog writes, "Many people cannot understand how a life such as hers could possibly be worth living."

THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!! Her life may be worth living, but that is not for me, or you, or anyone else to decide. It is for Ms. Schiavo to decide.

A court has found that Ms. Schiavo would not want to go on living like she is. Should people keep shopping around for a court until they find one that gives them an answer that they like? Or maybe we shouldn't have courts anymore. Let's trash the separation of power. Let's trash checks and balances. Let's just trash the whole constitution while we are at it.