Thursday, May 26, 2005


My beloved Philadelphia Inquirer has recently launched a very excellent blog with the witty name, Blinq.

Blinq is run by Daniel Rubin, a reporter at the Inquirer and so far, it's a great read, particularly for anyone with Philly ties.

My only complaint is that in his blogroll Rubin links to Gawker, the NYC gossip blog. Now that's just an insult. The City of Brotherly Love don't need no stinkin' New Yawk gossip. We don't idolize the glitterati; we throw batteries at them.


Daniel Rubin said...

so what should I replace gawker with??

Anonymous said...

Philly: Further cementing its status as America's worst city.

LL said...

I lived in West Chester from 1994-97. I miss the sports radio (WIP) because Philly sports people are crazy. I didn't like the Phillies, 76ers and really hated the Eagles. I took a lot of pleasure in listening to WIP callers lament about the Philly teams. I must admit, I liked the Flyers.

Dean Barnett said...

The Inquirer sure is gathering up some talented people these days.

That Dude said...

WIP rules, I miss it so.....

Shouldn't Blinq be called blINQ? I don't know, but it's a good read, especially for us Philly ex-pats.

Dear Lord,
Please bring WIP to the Internet, please, I swear I will cut down on porn.

I agree, Philly peeps don't want any stinking NY Gossip.