Tuesday, May 24, 2005

When Good Chimps Go Bad

They're cute, they're lovable, they're adorable. But as this horrific story by Amy Argetsinger in the Washington Post reveals, chimpanzees can also be vicious. The story doesn't end well. In fact, how about I cut to the chase? An excerpt from the article on what a teenage chimp ultimately did to poor St. James Davis, who remains in critical condition:

The 62-year-old man was conscious but near death. He had lost his nose, an eye, most of his fingers, both testicles and much of the flesh from his buttocks and face and left foot, but the chimp was not done with him yet.

Think about that the next time you're at the zoo.


Anonymous said...

Come on, Vic! What about a healthy dose of skepticism, here? Did you not see 'Planet of the Apes?' Do you not know that chimps are peace-loving creatures? It's the APES who pose the danger - particularly Urko, who posed as that rotten Senator Johnny Iselin in another life.

Jacob said...

I think we've found a candidate for the next time doctors need to inject a chimp with HIV.

Anonymous said...

First of all, my deepest sympathies to the elderly Gentleman who was hurt so badly. This chimp should die at the end of a baseball bat, not a humane needle.

Now, as to finding a positive outcome from all this and I don't mean to sound out of tune here, but how about this: when another Muslim Terrorist attack, take-over or use of a Mohsk to conduct offensive raids occurs - parachute-in 50 of these crazed chimps to clean it out...and perhaps Al Jazeerah could balance their war coverage and show film of that aftermath!

Lawjedi said...

I guess they get nasty when they run out of nits to pick from each other's fur.