Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Empire, Ascendant

David Adesnik now joins the chorus of those who are beginning to realize that the Galactic Empire may just be the force for good in Star Wars.

When I first wrote The Case for the Empire three years ago, even I never imagined that George Lucas would manage to turn popular opinion so thoroughly against his heroes. But as they say, he who lives by the Jar-Jar, dies by the Jar-Jar.

My prediction: By the time the HD DVD versions of the movies are released, championing the Empire will be a respected vein of thought.

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arrScott said...

It's not that the Empire is a force for good - I mean, the European Union is a crap government and all, but we wouldn't actually think it a good thing if Nazis came back to power and overthrew the Eurocrats in Brussels - it's that Anakin/Vader is the force for good. Everything good that happens in the Star Wars epic, from a political point of view, is Anakin/Vader's doing, often in spite of the Emperor's intentions.