Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yet another single-engine aircraft has entered the restricted airspace around the Capitol this afternoon--we assume unknowingly. So what gives? Faulty onboard electronics? A pilot misreading his maps? F-16 fighters had to fire flares to ward off the plane.

The Washington Post provides an excellent map of the National Capital Region Air Defense and the precautions the military takes in the event of a breach.

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Steve said...

Some are saying our "security" net failed since these guys should have been shot down. I disagree since those saying that were not in the air to see what the F-16 and Blackhawk pilots saw. They probably saw two idiots in serious need of an underwear change with all that military hardware flying around them.

However, I do think charges should be filed against the pilot for his "error." I suspect that will happen when the FAA reviews the case.