Friday, May 27, 2005

Lacrosse on

Perhaps for the first time ever, lacrosse is the main story on Of course that's only because the piece is a profile of gay Dartmouth goalie Andrew Goldstein, and it leads a package about gay athletes, but hey, whatever.

The striking thing is this mind-blowing hightlight of Goldstein stopping a shot against Syracuse and then blitzing 80 yards downfield and scoring on the Orange. In terms of pure foot-speed, it's a pretty astonishing move by Goldstein.


Ralphie said...

huh huh. you said "package" when talking about gay athletes. huh huh.

Anonymous said...

Do they also report stories of lesbians in the WNBA or LPGA?

That Dude said...

lesbians/wnba is an oxymoron.