Monday, May 16, 2005

The Cherry Hill Race Track

This brilliant Philadelphia Inquirer piece will be of interest to anyone who (a) remembers the Garden State Race Track (home of a certain Galley Slave high school prom) fondly; (b) is interested in real estate scams; or (c) anyone who likes to see the rich get their come-uppence:
Just 20 years after it rose phoenixlike from the ashes of a devastating fire, the glitzy Cherry Hill racetrack is gone. The ambitious entrepreneur who spent $170 million to rebuild it now spends his days eating canned tuna and microwaved oatmeal in a New Jersey federal prison. . . .

Only in Jersey.

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Ed Driscoll said...


Thanks for posting that--growing up in South Jersey I remember not just the Cherry Hill Race Track, but Robert Brennan's TV ads vividly. I knew by the early to mid-1990s he was up on charges, but I had no idea he's still doing time.