Friday, May 06, 2005

Thanks to the Galley reader who pointed out the typo regarding my high esteem for Episode IV and not Episode I. Meeza make a badda meestake!

With regard to tying up loose ends, we now know of the true significance of Senator Bail Organa (played by Jimmy Smits). He becomes the foster father to Padme's daughter. This is why, as I'm sure most of you wondered way back when, the Princess Leia action figure came in a box with the inscription: "Princess Leia Organa." I always wondered what was Organa.

So in other words you bought the Princess Leia action figure?

No, absolutely not. I have no idea how she came to be in my possession--not in the virginal white, I might add, but in the tan dress she wore in Cloud City.


Dogman said...

Great blog! Interesting read!

James Wigderson said...

I had the Princess Leia action figure from Jabba's lair but I don't think it was an officially licensed product. :)