Monday, May 16, 2005

Nobody Beats The Whiz

Galley friend B.F. passes on this unbelievable story from about an incident that recently took place at the Twin Cities airport involving Vikings star Onterrio Smith. As it turns out, Smith was found carrying "several vials of dried urine and a device called 'The Original Whizzinator,' which includes a fake penis, bladder and athletic supporter."

Police originally stopped the running back because they mistook the urine powder for cocaine. (I really don't want to know how they figured out it wasn't.)


That Dude said...

if u go to the whizzonators website they misspell urine (urnie). GENIUSES!

Anonymous said...

Hey vic, wanna know how they figured out it wasn't coke? You know how they dab their finger and taste the substance to see if it's coke, that's how? Can you imagine that scene:
"dude, I think this is piss, taste it"
"no thanks, I trust you"

Anonymous said...

i think that was the visual vic DIDN'T want!!!!!!!

Jay D. Homnick said...

Hey, Vic, your best headline ever!

Thanks for this great story off the police bladder.

For guys my age (46), it's always a flashback to Alice's Restaurant, where Arlo Guthrie mooched the urine sample at the Army physical.

As for how they detected it, I concur with you in rejecting Anonymous' notion of the "potable toilet".