Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Civilization IV

The other big news at E3 was the debut of Civilization IV. This will certainly make Vic happy.

The Good News: Amazing graphics (go check out the screen shots) and a simplified interface that lets you do everything from the main map.

Also, from Firaxis;s Barry Caudill: "The first Civilization to discover a technology attached to the founding of a religion will establish a holy city for that religion and it will begin to spread, although slowly. To speed up the process, you can create missionaries and send them out to try to convert other cities."

And instead of Great Leaders, there are Great Prophets, Artists, and Scientists.

The Bad News: No Armies! No set governments!

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully Sid & Company, I am assuming he has his hands in this as well, will release a console version as well. I felt giddy, like a little girl, waiting for Pirates, only to find out, after installation, that my video card was insufficient to play the game. Since then I have sworn off all computer games and only play those available for my Xbox.