Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kos Files

Remember Markos Moulitsas, the future of the Democratic party? Here he is today:
When we had the troops to fight the war, they could claim, like Andrew Sullivan did, that the troops were our servants and had to heed their orders. But we're running out of soldiers to death, injuries, AWOLs, and horrific recruitment. Now is the time for these War Cheerleaders, these Chickenhawks, to show their mettle. Now is the chance for them to stand for something bigger than themselves and their video game fantasies. Now is the time for them to be real men. Real Americans.

Gutless bitches is right. They deserve nothing but contempt.

Keep this in mind the next time a Democratic politician stoops to pay Kos homage.


Lawjedi said...

If this comment from Kos were put in video form, it would likely be appropriately done by a staggering bum holding a brown bag wrapped bottle, wiping his mouth with his sleeve, and then once finished this incoherent rant, staggering off to the alley to blow his intoxicated guts.

Congrats Kos, you've reduced yourself to this.

BatMan said...

Kos has posted on this topic several times, and although it rouses the toddlers over there at the internet's largest day care facility - it hasn't gained ANY traction elsewhere (i.e. the MSM), which bothers him because he thinks he is now the heart and soul of the Dem Party and should be payed homage to.

These are just little petty swipes at Jonah Goldberg and others, and also an admission that he doesn't have anything else important to write about. He is enraged that average Americans aren't really paying attention to the war, and he certainly can't reach THEM on his Moonbat blog.