Monday, May 23, 2005

The First Sith Conspiracy Theories!

The Law Jedi, who would give me a run for my money in the Uber-Geek Edition of Trivial Pursuit (combine the cards from the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings editions), has up the first Sith conspiracy theories I've seen, explaining the construction of the Death Star:
In the novels, all Lucas-approved, the Empire has an undiscovered outpost near Kessel . . . which is located in a gap between a series of black holes in the region called "the Maw". . . . The Maw installation contains a fleet of Star Destroyers and at least one Death Star skeleton ready to be built, years after Episode VI. Perhaps there was simultaneous work going on for both Death Star units of Episode IV and VI, as we know that the structure of Death Star II is significantly larger that Death Star I. The skeleton may have been just dragged out for construction at Endor. The Emperor probably moved it there (rather than being in the relative safety of the Maw) so that the Rebels would find it an attractive target and thereby lure their fleet into a trap.

The Law Jedi also takes on Leia's "memories" of her mother:
Padme's funeral was of the open casket variety. Also, she still appeared pregnant, which is an obvious ruse for the benefit of Vader and the Emperor and the protection of Luke & Leia. But if that was faked, is it possible that Padme didn't die at all, but rather went to Alderaan to care for Leia, and then later dying from the broken heart which seems to be the case in Sith? She possibly would have avoided Tattooine for fear of being seen and/or the memories of Anakin's start towards the dark side after the death of Shmi Skywalker.

Yeah baby!

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