Thursday, May 26, 2005


From the Miami Herald:
According to a Coral Gables police report, Collazo dropped his pants, took out his penis and accused his players of not having the testicular fortitude it takes to play baseball after a loss to Florida Christian on April 7.

''He then,'' according to a Coral Gables police report, ``pointed to his penis, testicles and asked the team if they had a set of these or were they equipped with a vagina.''

Collazo, who led Gulliver to the Class 3A state championship last season, did not comment on the allegations.


Jay D. Homnick said...

As opposed to the Florida Christian coach who had the forethought to hand out actual bats.

Redoubt said...

He should probably be glad he didn't point his little schlong at the cops... but what a great news loop it would have been!

"Gun battle leaves High School Baseball Coach dead, four police officers traumatized... film at 11."

Bill Baar said...

Kid should run for office as a Democrat in Illinois. Our Gov Blagojevich comments on his virality.