Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Best Headline Ever.

In case you missed it yesterday, go back to Vic's Tom Sizemore item, which has the best headline this site will ever muster: "The Action Is the Juice."

On a related note, GS Commenter Chris points us to this review of the tape:
At one point Sizemore, dressed in bicyclist's gear with a toque on his head, wields a two foot long rubber dildo and literally whines that the two prostitutes (who are cleaning up a hotel lamp and bottle of wine he knocked over) are not paying attention to his antics.

Does that get you hot?


Anonymous said...

You guys really are rapidly descending into a virtual gay bath-house. What's next? A what-not-to wear series of posts (oh, I forgot, you already did that with Harriet Miers).

Anonymous said...

(I don't know if you noticed, but I thought if I avoided using italics and big, bold words you might not know it was me and take me more seriously.) But I can't seem to keep in check my fixation with gayness in general. But this should not stop you from TAKING ME SERIOUSLY!!!!! YOU ARE BLASPHEMING THE BLOGOSPHERE WITH SUCH IDLE CHATTER!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 12:45, one word. Thorazine.

Red said...

As someone who has blasted you in the past about elitism concerning Ms. Meirs...I've am now convinced you are right. I am commencing to eat crow at this very moment.

Also, they have to be kidding if they think I am paying to see Tom Sizemore naked. That's just gross.