Thursday, October 27, 2005

The End?

Ed Morrissey notes two important developments in the Miers confirmation. First, the New York Sun is reporting that two Republican senators will soon announce their opposition to Miers if the White House does not withdraw her. The second is that Leonard Leo has jumped ship and left the Miers confirmation team. Who's next? Judge Hecht?

Three weeks ago it seemed highly unlikely that Miers wouldn't reach the Supreme Court, today it seems almost inevitable. The reason for the shift is obvious: Substance. As people have gotten to see what kind of mind Harriet Miers possesses, they've seen that she was even worse than advertised, even dimmer and less accomplished than her initial critics claimed. It turns out that she doesn't even have the constancy President Bush promised that she would exhibit from here on out to the next 20 years.

When the history of the Miers fight is written, October 26 will be seen as the turning-point, the moment when the tide turned against the nominee. Only the bitter-enders are left now.

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