Thursday, October 13, 2005

Like a Rock!

After the report surfaced earlier today about Harriet Miers's opinion of the Federalist Society, Scott McClellan caught the following question at his press briefing:
Q I'm just asking if those continue to be her views to this day, that she believes the Federalist Society is a politically-charged organization that she would not take membership in, and that if she still believes that the NAACP does not fall into that category?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, Harriet Miers has been supportive of the Federalist Society, including participating in events, and giving a speech to the Society last spring. I know she's proud that a number of her attorneys on her own staff are members of the Federalist Society. And she, like the rest of the White House, knows that the Federalist Society has been a great ally on many important issues, particularly when it comes to the federal judiciary. They are someone that advocate -- an organization that advocates a strong and distinguished federal judiciary, and she's spoken to them about that and expressed her appreciation for what they do.

Q So it would seem that her views have changed?

MR. McCLELLAN: I would say those are her views that I just expressed. In terms of all the documents that are going to be released to the committee, we encourage everybody to look at those documents and look at what was said and look at the context.

I think I may now be convinced of the president's argument that 20 years from now, Harriet Miers will be the same person she is today. She seems to have gotten a lifetime of change out of her system during the last 20 years, so what could be left?


Anonymous said...

¿Porque no puedes fiarle, Jonathan? Creo que tu no puedes fiar en nadie.


Anonymous said...

Context. What was it?

Was the early Federalist Society is political comment made when Meirs had a "non political" or non partisan position?

Was the favorable position made when Meirs was in a political position?

Can peoples positions honestly change as their life and work changes?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm Spanish trash talking. How URBANE.

Tengo Brazos muy grandes. Soy como un Leon en la primavera.

Me gusta jugar al beisbol.

Anonymous said...

Y tambien, a veces, you tengo un barbudo muy guapo!!!

Dean Barnett said...

There you go again with your elitist Miers bashing. When will it end?

Are only Ivy Leaguers allowed to change their minds? Or perhaps it's only men who receive such rights.

If confirmed (nay, when confirmed!) Justice Miers will prove a credit to both the Texas Lottery Commisssion and the Texas Bar Association.

I know that must be tough for you elites to stomach. Get used to it! Hook 'em Horns!

(I know that's Texas' slogan, but I can't think of SMU's at the moment.)

Anonymous said...

Can peoples positions honestly change as their life and work changes?

No, they can't. I believe Ronald Reagan was not sincere when he went from being a Democrat to a Republican.