Thursday, October 20, 2005

Will the Real "Cabal" Please Stand Up?

Over at the Worldwide Standard, Dan McKivergan has a great post up on Col. Wilkerson's "cabal" theory.

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kwAwk said...

ItIt is funny how the point of Col. Wilkerson's remarks goes so far over your and Dan McKivergan's heads.

The point of it all was that the President was being manipulated by the Vice President and Secretary of Defense to igonore the advice of other capable advisors.

When one looks at this administration one would think that when issues regarding war and it's effects comes up that the President would put a lot of weight behind the opinions of the one person in the administration who had real life experience with war and whom had spent his adult life training and leading men in the pursuit of war victory. That man was Colon Powell.

But no, this President instead turns to Dick "I had other priorities" Cheney.

It is just another illustration of why this President is in so much trouble. Instead of looking at all opinions and really searching for what makes sense in the real world, he only looks for those opinions that support what he wants to do anyways.