Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The Cake Editirix sends us to this fantastic site where a gent by the name of Truman Collins has sussed out all of the probabilities of the Monopoly board. Fabulous, amazing stuff.

Highlights: The red properties are the best on the board, the oranges a close second. Boardwalk and Park Place are a waste.

But really, if you've ever thought long and hard about Monopoly (B.J., I'm talking to you), this site deserves study.


Anonymous said...

Wow! As Darth V would say, "Impressive, most impressive." I really wish that such extensive research would be done by some of the "pseudo-science" types who regularly release "studies" to the public on subjects such as carcinogens, global warming, etc.

Pete said...

Oh surely it has to be the oranges ... by far the best! Unless your American edition is different to the Brit edition? I mean the last three on the side after Jail? Gotta be the best :-)