Friday, October 14, 2005

Bill Simmons: Un-bovs?

Uncle Grambo has an excellent anti-Sports Guy rant. Excellent because it's funny, not because I necessarily agree with him. Want to see the funny?
What all the people lined up to swing on the bozack of "sports' moral arbiter" are conveniently failing to forget is that we're talking about a guy who as recently as Wednesday vomited out 2,600 words (!!!) on the new Matt McConaughey / Al Pacino gambling movie. Are you fucking seers? Even the normally reliable and altogether best ever dudes like the Information Leafblower (aka Leaf) spend two hours standing in line to spend 30 seconds talking to him; dude, I did that a few years ago for Liz Phair but it's mainly because I thought I might be able to bang her!

Yeah, baby! That's the magic of RSS. Grambo disappears for 5 months, but because of RSS, we never lose touch with him.

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That Dude said...

I love Billy Simm, but I would never stand in line for a book signing for him. It's not like he's Stern. no chance of naked chicks at a Simmons signing.

BTw, may I recommend A Sunday Pilgrimage by Anthony Gargano aka The Cuz on WIP. It chronicles the 6 days of the SB last year. Good stuff.