Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Religion of Peace (and a Culture of Wife-Beating)

Little Green Footballs carries this horrifying item on how Australian police are being told to be mindful of cultural differences when it comes to domestic abuse. Australia's Herald-Sun reports:
POLICE are being advised to treat Muslim domestic violence cases differently out of respect for Islamic traditions and habits.

Officers are also being urged to work with Muslim leaders, who will try to keep the families together.

Women’s groups are concerned the politically correct policing could give comfort to wife bashers and keep their victims in a cycle of violence.

The instructions come in a religious diversity handbook given to Victorian police officers that also recommends special treatment for suspects of Aboriginal, Hindu and Buddhist background.

Some police officers have claimed the directives hinder enforcing the law equally.

Police are told: “In incidents such as domestic violence, police need to have an understanding of the traditions, ways of life and habits of Muslims.”

They are told it would be appreciated in cases of domestic violence if police consult the local Muslim religious leader who will work against “fragmenting the family unit”.

This is, of course, where the fusion of Western political correctness and the Islamic demand for special consideration is headed.


Anonymous said...

This defines the heart of modern liberalism and political correctness, which is an ideology of moral relativism excusing any behavior an individual might exhibit. Zero accountability because there is no real right or wrong. Our world is in a struggle between moral relativism and moral absolutes. Our government is based on moral absolutes. There is right and there is wrong regardless of your origin or upbringing and that can never change. When a society based on these principles turns away from them, it will fade. What will replace it? One shudders at the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. In the late '80s, while attending a small liberal arts college in upstate NY (feel free to cross reference with that Colorado professor mess earlier this year), I had the temerity to report to the college authorities that my neighbor, a junior Arabic Muslim student that was also a first-generation American, was regularly beating his girlfriend, also a college junior. The administration decided to do nothing more than talk to the girl and move on when she (i) refused to press charges herself and (ii) continued dating this man while he continued to beat & burn her regularly. The (female) assistant dean of students told me that I should respect that this man was raised in a different culture, and I should understand the situation in light of this different set of customs.

Lessons learned while attending a northern liberal arts college, I guess, are now taking root in cities around the world.

Anonymous said...

The most insidious thing about this is giving the "local Muslim religious leaders" a quasi-legal position. Anyone living in the tent of a free country should see that as a very large camel's nose. The position should be: you came to this country to enjoy its benefits. The deal is, you obey its laws, like everbody else. If our laws are in conflict with your religion/customs, go live somewhere where you will feel more welcome.