Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Irresponsible Media

Byron York has a grim piece about the terrible toll the White House is paying because of the assault from elitist Beltway conservatives. Some of the highlights:
"It's been a gradual descent into almost silence," says a second source of the calls. "The meetings with the senators are going terribly. On a scale of one to 100, they are in negative territory. The thought now is that they have to end....Obviously the smart thing to do would be to withdraw the nomination and have a do-over as soon as possible. But the White House is so irrational that who knows? As of this morning, there is a sort of pig-headed resolve to press forward, cancel the meetings with senators if necessary, and bone up for the hearings."

Of course, all of York's sources are anonymous, so you shouldn't trust these disloyal leakers. No, you should be reading Marvin Olasky, who has real standards and thinks that things are going just fine. Mr. Olasky hasn't received a single negative view on Miers*.

*That is, a single negative view that meets his superior standards of publication. He's not some shoot-from-the-hip cub reporter like that rascally Byron York.


Hei Lun said...

Explain why a single Democrat will vote for her? Two weeks ago the "she's the best we can do" rationale might have sufficed, but now that she's all but said that she's anti-Roe no Democrat's going to give her a free pass.

Dean Barnett said...

Pity the White House strategists. Red Auerbach always said on those rare occasions when he had a team so untalented that it couldn't whip its Philadelphia rival, "You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit."

P.S. - It's just a metaphor suggesting that Miers is a weak nominee, not that she's literally, you know, fowl excrement. Although her writngs do seem to merit such a description.

P.P.S - Might want to rethink the next double down, Mr. Olasky. Your reputation isn't growing in stature during this debate.

Anonymous said...

1. No Dem will vote for any nominee who is on record in any way threatening to overturn Roe. There are too many leftwing groups who would go batshit if they allowed it.

2. Scalia is not a jerk. Ask Ginsburg and her husband, who socialize with him often. But hey, what's a few ad hominem attacks against the justice the Left rightly fears most? Marginalize him!

3. Thomas is not an empty robe. But again, how dare he go off the liberal reservation and have an independent thought. Marginalize him!

4. Empty suits? Breyer was basically fetching Ted Kennedy coffee before his elevation. And while I disagree with most of his opinions, he is in fact a very bright man.Which still does nothing for Miers.

5. Putting Jose Awfulman in the same sentence with Phil Rizzuto is a travesty, and calls into question anything else in your post. Rizzuto played on numerous championship teams and won an MVP. Offerman isn't even close.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bugg - you blew him away. I can allow a lot of bad thinking and poor argument, but when you mess with The Scooter, that's it with me.
- JS

Anonymous said...

"The Republic survived Warren Burger" - otherwise known as Harriet Miers' favorite Justice...

Anonymous said...

If there were, say, 25 Republican votes against Miers, do you REALLY see the White House forcing a vote on her (regardless of how many Democrats are for her)? I don't.

Anonymous said...

I loved Knoblauch - especially his OCD ritual when he was at bat. I mean it when I say that - he brings back good memories of the 1998 season, in particular. But to compare to Scooter is crazy. A few points:
* Numbers are very close with CK getting the edge in BA, OBP and Fielding
* Scooter played when there were fewer teams and one could make the argument that the talent pool (viz pitching) was not as diluted
* Scooter missed 4 seasons when he served in the war. If not for those four years, he would have played a total of 17 seasons. CK was basically done after 12 seasons
* CK essentially was a DH and LF for most of 2001 and 2002 when he could not make the throw from second to first

Isn't this better than arguing about Miers since this actually has relevance and she does not.

- JS

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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