Friday, October 21, 2005

More %*#%!@ Elitism

From the Baseball Crank:
. . . so far, everything we've seen of Miers' writings suggests that the woman simply is not the kind of writer I would consider a good summer associate at my law firm, let alone a Supreme Court Justice.

Just what you'd expect from a Hah-vahd Law grad who practices in one of those Big Time firms in New York City.



kwAwk said...

Since when did the Presidencey and Supreme Court Justices stop being our elite?

We only have 9 justices out of 250,000,000 people. It would seem to a normal rational person that we would want to hold people who aspire to these positions to the highest possible standards.

But no, we have to dumb down the standards for our country so Republicans can have their Bush Dynasty. And now we'll dumb down the Supreme Court too so that Rupubs can continue to support anything their failure of a President does.

Anonymous said...

Must make you feel pretty bad that the "Repubs failure of a president" not only won election twice, but also graduated from both Harvard and Yale. Yup, he must be completely stupid or something.

kwAwk said...

You chose to ignore the fact that he didn't get into Yale on his merits and the fact that having a college education makes you educated, not smart.