Thursday, October 27, 2005

Congratulations to President Bush

For doing the right thing and withdrawing the Miers nomination.

Let this be a stern rebuke in the future to all those who insist that opposition is wrong because it has no chance of changing an outcome. Standing up for principle is always its own reward and besides which, one of the immutable laws of life is that Things Change.

Conservatives who opposed Miers--some at real personal and professional cost to themselves--have kept an unqualified person off the Supreme Court, defended the intellectual honesty of conservatism from rank partisan politics, and, ironically enough, protected President Bush from a mistake of his own making. If the president defers to quality for his next nomination, then memory of Miers will fade quickly and the president and his party will find themselves in much better political fortunes, to boot.

Bonus speculation: Does this suggest that Rove isn't going to be indicted?


Anonymous said...

So now the folks at NRO are MARTYRS who have only saved us from ourselves?? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...


Partisan politics means party politics - i.e. "my party, good or bad". Those conservatives opposing the Miers confirmation did so on principle, not because they were favoring the Democrats. You can argue that they were wrong, or made a political mistake (by harming the GOP), but you can't argue they were engaged in rank partisan politics. Which political party were they defending/fighting for?

Dean Barnett said...

Regading a couple of the comments above, nobody told me it was "Idiot Lefty" day at Galley Slaves. Was there a formal announcement that I somehow missed? Did Kos link?

Kathleen and "khawk" should consider reading blogs where the content is easier to follow. Oliver Willis still writes (or at least produces copy). That might be a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

After the blind eye so many conservatives seemed willing to turn to the flaws of the Bush Presidency last year, it's nice to see the Republican party starting to police its own mistakes.

A GOP that doesn't automatically circle its wagons whenever there's a problem (Miers, DeLay, out of control spending) is a much stronger party for 2008.

Hopefully, spending will be the next battlefield. It's nice to see Republicans show some actual leadership when they disagree with the President. I just wish the Democrats were capable of it.

Anonymous said...

Eloquent words JVL, eloquent words.

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful comments, Jack. Serious question - who would you recommend on the liberal side for a conservative to read (i.e. your "Galleyslaves" for a right-leaning person).

Anonymous said...

Anon (8:39),

Talking Points Memo isn't as hardcore with the groupthink as Kos and some of the other usual suspects on the left, but is strongly partisan Democratic.

Bull Moose Blog is a brilliant blog that is supported by the DLC, but onyl slightly partisan and much more centrist than liberal.

Our Karl Rove is the blog you should be glad that Democratic strategists don't seem to listen to.


Anonymous said...

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