Sunday, October 23, 2005

Eagles Talk

While waiting for a two weeks to watch Andy Reid lose his first back-to-back games in recent memory, Galley Brother B.J. sends in this depressing thought experiment:
I'm thinking about Andy Reid Eagles teams vs. the Larry Brown 76ers teams:

Both teams were built around MVP players (McNabb and Iverson).

Both teams played strong D.

Both teams had to center the offense almost entirely around their MVP to mask offensive deficiencies (No post players & no perimeter shooting vs. no running game and no wide receivers).

Both teams enjoyed playoff success but could never get over the hump/make it to the championship until they pulled the trigger on big moves (Dikembe and TO).

Both big move players had good first years with the team and got the team to the championship game (Note: both post championship runs were defined by injuries).

Both teams lost in the championship.

Both teams then had trouble with their big moves (Dikembe was old & broken down and TO hired Drew Rosenhaus).

But both teams were stuck with their big move players because the big move players had enormous salaries that killed the team cap wise (both salaries were negotiated by the Philadelphia team with the player after the trade). That last similarity isn't exactly the same because the Eagles are still in good shape salary-cap wise but TO's contract is big to the point that the Eagles can't trade or cut him because of the cap hit.

Dikembe turned out to be the Picket's charge of the AI '76er teams (high point that led to eventual downfall/dooming AI to never win a championship).

I can't help starting to think that TO might be the same for the Eagles.

Convince me he's not right.


Anonymous said...

Hard to argue with him, but does it bother anyone that he compares Dikembe with TO? I always thought that Dikembe stunk and was purely one-dimensional (aside from being a crybaby on the court). TO is one of the best players in the league even with all of his baggage.
- JS

Anonymous said...

Eagles? Who cares? Skins won 52-17 today baby!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


'Nuff said.