Sunday, October 23, 2005

Where's White Power Bill?

This Drudged story on Lamb and Lynx Gaede is funnier than it is disturbing because (1) the power of KKK-style neo-Nazism has waned to such a degree that its proponents have resorted to trying to sell it through Britney-inspired pedophilia; and (2) because the girls have appropriated the language of New Age relativism in service of their racism. Example:
"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx. "We want our people to stay white . . ."

As if there were a chance that young Lynx might actually become, say, Korean, if she isn't careful.

If this is state of white supremacy in America, then it's a happy day for all of us.


arrScott said...

JVL is too clever by far. What these racists mean by "we want our people to stay white" is not that they fear waking up one morning to find that they have taken on a more Bantu hue. It's that they want their "people," the white people, to remain white without being sullied by interbreeding with non-whites or acculturation with non-white cultural norms. Whiteness, for these people, isn't solely a question of skin color. It's skin color plus a particular ideology of cultural whiteness. And this has always been a part of the white-supremacist attitude, dating back to the bad old days of legally enshrined white supremacy. Even a person with skin the pale white of bone china and eyes the bright blue of glacier ice can become less white, or even not white, by associating with non-white friends, becoming intimate with a non-white lover, supporting integrationist social and political practices, or embracing non-white culture.

The statement JVL quotes neither says what JVL pretends to believe it says, nor does it reflect a change or decline in white supremacist thinking. Wanting white people to remain white is the ugly philosophical core of white supremacy, and it has always been. (Well, that and wanting white people to be in charge.) What does reflect progress is that even Bakersfield, California, is no longer "white enough" for white supremacists like the singers' family. Bakersfield is pretty white, so white supremacists must really be running out of places they can feel at home in America, which is a very positive development.

Damian P. said...

"Prussian Blue" was set to perform at the Kern County Fair in California, but they were yanked from the bill at the last minute. (Having heard an MP3 of one of their songs, I think you could justify cancelling their appearance based on general lack of talent, not just the fact that they're brainwashed little Nazis.)

Anonymous said...

The ABC story is good and bad. It is good in that it exposes these idiots for what they are - pretty frickin' said.

It is bad in that: (1) this is a perfect media driven story - an absolute feather in the cap of the reporter. This is because they get to cry "the sky is falling" because these girls have the potential to have zillions of followers. They sensationalize it. (2) ABC gets to lump white people, pickup trucks, Nazis, etc all together. There is no perspective.

Anonymous said...

Lynx Gaede? That sounds like Link Gaetz aka "The Missing Link" an ex-NHL enforcer that had a cult following at one time.

Seriously, the point of the post could not be more correct. The specter of white supremacy is so near and dear to the major media because the self hating white liberal media member is never more sensitive than when dealing with "old school" (Nazis, Klan) traditional white on black racism.

I'm waiting for ABC's next story on the insidious danger of the Freemasons.

Jason O.