Thursday, September 02, 2004

All Hail the Old Media

A friend of mine told me I should be reading a blogger named Matthew Yglesias. Yglesias, he said, is a super-smart guy who runs a fun, intellectually honest blog. Fair enough. I jetted over this morning and found this post:

Me at a party last night: "I've never really been around a lot of Republicans before." "So now you think better of us?" "Not really."

Overheard in a hotel lobby: "I get the feeling these New Yorker liverals just don't understand how 9-11 changed things. It's like they don't even remember it." (no, fuck you).

Later, in Starbucks, two Young Republicans dialogue. "What does SoHo mean?" "Maybe it's like a hooker from the South." (South of Houston Street, asswipe). "I heard the bagels here were supposed to be different, but they seem the same to me." (because you're in a fucking Starbucks moron). "I would have expected Bush to get more support in New York -- there seem to be so many Mexicans living here. (they're Puerto Ricans, and . . . what?).

Then cute girl at adjacent table: "hey...aren't you the guy who wrote that there were no cute girls in Midtown?" That turned out better.

Isn't this blogosphere-thingy amazing? Can't you just feel the intellectual curiousity and fair-mindedness lapping over you in warm, gentle waves?

Give me the New Yorker or the Washington Post or, heck, the New York Times any day of the week. (Sorry to disappoint conservatives, but I'm on record as believing in my heart of hearts that, taken as a whole, the New York Times is a wonder of the modern world. It's an amazing accomplishment.) These print outlets may not always be perfect, but you'll never see anything as shockingly provincial or boorish in the old media that we're all supposed to regard with so much disdain.


Dean Barnett said...

See what happens when ego takes over your blog? A cautionary tale for us all. From here, it's a short leap to the point where Yglesias is writing 300 words on how hard he had to squeeze his nearly empty toothpaste tube last night (and probably blaming Bush for it).

Dean Barnett said...

Oh yeah, and another thing:

Matt's post suggests he enjoyed carnal relations with a cute girl. Ha! If Matt were enjoying carnal relations of any kind, he wouldn't be such a bitter and angry young twit.

Anonymous said...

'Fraid you caught him at a bad time. He's pretty good, especially if you're looking for an intellectually-honest view into liberal thinking of the day (as opposed to purely activist sites like Atrios & Kos).

Joe Katzman said...

Uh, you obviously skip the Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd columns in your copy of the NY Times...

And while Matt & I have some pretty big political differences, in fairness he is usually far above this. Hey, we all have our crappy days, you know?