Thursday, September 09, 2004

An anonymous commenter says, "The no-boo story is mentioned in a forum at Campaign Desk called 'Fact Check,' and bears a title 'Booing the AP'."

This commenter is wrong. A quick visit to CJR's Campaign Desk (followed up by an email query to, and response from, the nice folks over there) confirms that they have still not mentioned the AP "no-boo" story at all.

Now I understand why bloggers turn their comments section off. If you're going to post a comment like this in the future, please include a link to buttress your claim.

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Bizarro Jack said...

I feel this is as much a technical problem as a wrongness problem.

Issue 1: Blogger is kind of bogus because it lacks threaded commentary - It's easy to write whatever you want and leave, effectively, getting the last word, as far as your limited universe goes. LJ, for instance, has very nice threaded commentary and commenters can get email notifications if you or someone else replies. Also, there's no "getting lost" - if someone else had replied 30 comments later indicating what you just found out, you wouldnt have to read everything before seeing its been done already.

Issue 2: Anonymous posting, while expedient for cruising other people's blogs in many different systems, is for suckers.
9 times out of 10, an anonymous comment is totally useless input. The easiest way to find yourself hating somebody is to read his anonymous blog comments. One doesn't even have to attach a name or a face to the rage.

If someone is just going to show up, leave something combative, and leave, what is the point anyway? All blogs should disallow anonymous comments, unless they are just looking to collect and sift through the trash.

While I've put us on the subject, I'll tell you I left an anonymous comment here once. I am sorry.