Friday, September 10, 2004

Another Expert

Hugh Hewitt interviews Farrell Shiver, a document expert who actually has a name!

I don't mean to be a killjoy in all of this, but part of me wants to see CBS exonerated because (1) I find it deeply unsettling that a serious news organization could get hoodwinked so easily; and (2) If they have been duped, it makes me wonder how often this sort of thing has happened before, say, in the last 30 years. The logical answer would be: A lot.

I'd like to cling to my illusions about the superiority of old media for a little while longer, please.


Dan Patterson said...

While you are clinging to your illusions the inmates have taken over the asylum. Pretending it isn't happening is no help to you or anyone else--it only makes the boat sink faster. Of course the dinosaurs of the old media have hoodwinked everyone in the past! How else do you think "Citizen Kane" came about?? For you to act like it's a shame is equal to crying about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the death of the gulag: "It was horrible, yes, but it was OUR horror!" What utter nonesense.
Grow up, get over your attachment to propoganda, and read the US Constituition.
Goddamm it.

Dan Patterson

Anonymous said...

Illusions about the old media is right! The old media lost me years ago when they kept telling me every night that my refrigerator, my dog, my lunch, my underwear and everything else around me was about to kill me yet, mysteriously, I continue to wake up every morning ALIVE.