Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Brainwashing 101

Evan Coyne Maloney, of Brain Terminal fame, has just put out a feature-length documentary on political bias at universities. It's called Brainwashing 101 and it's as funny and incisive as his shorts are, but much, much more devastating. For instance, one radical Bucknell economics professor worries that the schools board of trustees is turning fascist: "The chairman of our board of trustees right now . . . has, for example, said at times that we need to make sure that Bucknell has a sufficiently diverse curriculum, and has proposed maybe that we need an American studies major--implicitly meaning 'American studies' should be about celebrating America."

It's good stuff. Go take a gander and think about picking up the DVD. Maloney is going places, fast. He's got the on-screen dexterity of a Michael Moore, only with integrity.

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